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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gay Halloween in Tokyo 2016, Shinjuku Ni-chome, at Aiiro Cafe, Saturday, Oct 29, 2016 9:00pm-2am

In Tokyo, Halloween is starting to become a bigger commercialized American 'festival' - of sorts. I am one of the few people who attempts to get gay-buds to dress up and go out on Halloween weekend. We're rounding up in Tokyo Ni-chome gay district on the Saturday before Halloween.

Check out the Eventbrite link below for maps and to RSVP (not needed) since it's a commercial bar and open to the public, also viewable from the street since it is mainly right on the street. Or you can also read more info about our Oct 29, 2016 Halloween Costume Street Party at the end of this entry.  For now, the party is impromptu, starts after 9:00pm and runs until 2:00pm with an after-party at one of the late-bars (Kinsmen), costumes are not required, but please wear one - the sexier the better!    See the map to Aiiro Cafe below.  You can compare this one with the Google Map above. 

Aiiro Cafe (formerly Advocates Cafe) is just 7 meters from the corner (traffic light) on Nakadori ('center-street') of Ni-chome. (二丁目)  

The bar opens up right onto the sidewalk, so you can't miss the crowd as it starts to gather and spill out into the street. 

The map is a little bit old. Sunkus Convenience Store is now Lawson's (I think).Shinjuku Park has been dismantled - there's nothing left but a small public restroom on the corner. 

Look at the Facebook page  for Aiiro Cafe for a map.

Halloween used to be pretty wild in Tokyo. There used to be a time when hundreds of costumed foreigners would gather at Shinjuku train station for a raucous ride around the green circle train, the Yamanote Line. At a designated time on the Saturday before All Saint's Day or Tous Saints (Nov 1) (or All Hallow's Eve (Oct 31), as many as 500 foreign residents would all board a late evening train headed counter clockwise around the center of Tokyo.   Since Halloween is on a Monday (Oct 31), the gay city event will be held this year on Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 9pm until 2 am (or later).

At each station, approximately 2-4 minutes intervals, the whole gang would jump off the train car (actually more like a subway although mainly above ground) and then dash into another train car in a mad howling mass - before the doors closed. Of course, it causes chaos and a lot of local commuters were also pushed and shoved. So it used to be a kind of revenge act for all those other 51 weeks when we are involuntarily packed like sardines on our way to and from work every day.

People wore all kinds of simple and elaborate costumes, but I love to see the straight men wearing a yukata (summer kimono) with nothing on underneath, so their freeballing ended up becoming a point of departure for an interesting conversation over beers after the 'wild ride.' Invariably, you would meet a new group of mildly acquainted people and stay out in the bars and streets under the sunrise.

Because there was a lot of 'incidental damage' to the trains (broken light fixtures, trash, and people getting hurt - mainly some drunk participants slipping or getting caught in train doors), the police decided to put a complete stop to the shenanigans a few years back. So hundreds of them arrive around the suspected witching with shields and riot batons, ready to stand firm (and maybe 'erect' too) if a crowd of mainly white people in weird clothes shows up. So far no one has seemed to see that simply choosing another station on the circle or working in tandem with cellphones from various small stations would allow the 'Wild Ride' to go on. The problem is that 500 strangers don't usually meet up and then go in cohoots to plan what might be considered a urban terrorist act.

I'll be at the Gay Halloween Costume Street Party that is starting to become a mini tradition  on the street in front of Advocates Cafe (gay bar) in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ni-chome district ( a 10-minute walk from the main Shinjuku Train station). See maps above.

If you are in Tokyo on Sat, Oct 31, then drop by Advocates (in costume or without) or you could try
your luck for another spontaneous Wild Ride at Shinjuku JR Station at about 10pm that night. But beware the police will be out in droves to prevent it. Still....

Back in Shinjuku, I may be dressed as a Greek Senator - in a toga, the one I described from N2N in an earlier blog posting, or in another costume or two that I'll have on hand for the evening.

 Stop by and give me a Trick or Treat, or just say hello.

Kelly sunbuns99 / sunbuns / sunbunz

Monday, August 22, 2016

Nude sunbathing in the Tokyo area

Question:   Can you go nude sunbathing anywhere in Tokyo? If so, where?

Just saw that you know a lot of places for sunbathing in Tokyo......will be there on sunday morning for 2 days only.......i'm a WGM from France 40 yo.....will stay in could you recommend me a nice place not too far to be naked ? do you know may be a gay bar with naked or underwear party ?

My Answer:
Most of the places are far and too complicated to explain, but there's one (or two)  that might work: The one I usually hang out at during warmer weather is a secluded, wooded river front area near a public recreation area on the Tama River (in Fuchu City).  I explain more about it further below.
However, for tourists and visitors, the one easier to find is Odaiba or お台場海浜公園 is a public  seaside recreation area on reclaimed land in Tokyo Harbor.   Remember Odaiba is in a pubic park so being nude should be done with caution.   

Sometimes men get naked for sunbathing (or nearly naked) on a island at Odaiba Marine Park.  There's a seaside beach park (manmade beach) at Odaiba, but people sometimes sunbathe, but not actually nude on the beach. Instead, a few do get naked (or almost naked) on the man-made island to the far right and around.  The island has a historical significance which I won't go into now.  But it's semi-isolated and there are some spots that lend themselves to sunbathing and sometimes semi-nude or discreetly nude sunbathing.   Note: Public nudity is illegal in Japan and heavy fines (including imprisonment are possible), but fairly rare (partly because no one does it where they can get caught).  Still you should take precautions and be discreet. 

Public Baths and Hot Springs Resorts  (non -sexual rest and relaxation but plenty of nudity). 

If you just want to get naked with other males in a non-sexual environment, then you could try one of the onsen (hot springs resort) -- outside the city, or visit one of the newer onsen inside the city. Public baths used to be found in nearly every community, but more recently the majority have closed and some have been replaced by a commercial hot spring bath.  There are over 50 locations where a public bath has been replaced by a hot springs day-resort with the great city limits of Tokyo.   These are legitimate mineral (salt) baths that provide a relaxing place for family fun; in some cases, there are massage services on the premises, and some even have body work services.   There is no hidden sexual meaning to any of these services, even though it might appear differently.  For example,  the hot spring bath I go to in Hino City (western Tokyo) has a body-scrubbing service. The man' s body is rubbed with an abrasive (not too harsh) cleanser and the dead skin cells are removed for about 1,000 yen (in addition to the entrance fee to the baths - 800 yen).  The male is nude and keep in semi-privacy behind a screen (although it was easy enough to peep over and get a look at the youngish woman rubbing the naked man's body).  Of course, that isn't a turn-on sexually for me, but it made me wonder if some of the staff who do this might actually be male. 

 Some of these hot springs baths have an outdoor bath pools adjacent to the indoor bath area. These roten-buro ( 露天風呂  - secluded, hidden from public view outdoors baths) are a nice way to get an up-close look at Japanese men - in groups and often accompanying their families, small children, and teens, or their school or work friends (or teammates).  The costs range from about 800 - 1800 yen and there are typically restaurants, and a lounge area (with TVs) where you can relax in a bath gown outside of the bath-time. 

 How to get there:   
Take the Yurikamome Train (a monorail leaving from Shimbashi Station, a couple of stops south  of Tokyo Station, JR Yamanote Line (Green circle train).   Get off at Odaiba Kaihin Koen (Odaiba Marine Park) - first stop after crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Then walk to Odaiba Beach (5 min), and then walk to the far right, turn on a causeway that stretches out into the harbor toward an island.  On that island, in discreet places, sometimes guys get naked (or almost naked). It obviously depends on the weather, and I imagine Sundays arehh bn  rather busy with tourists and sightseers so it would likely be difficult to be discreet.

If you have only two days, I would recommend instead your going to 24 Kaikan in Shinjuku. 
It's a gay baths (and hotel) with an outdoors sunning area on the top floor.  Nudity has to be discreet  -- there are CCTV cameras  on the roof- but it is possible to get naked, and there is a shower area where you can also be nude as you shower.   Also you will have the several floors below of sauna, play rooms, shower stalls, etc, where gay sex goes on.

 Address:   2-13-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Hand drawn map at:
 (the Lawson convenient store (on Shinjuku-dori (Avenue) is now a different one (Sankus or 3F)

I'm not aware of any naked parties except perhaps Gate In (although I've never been (over the age limit -- LOL). 

Gate In, Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Yaesu 1-7-10 Nakatsubo Bldg 5F, 

  You can find additional spots and bars at: 

My Favorite outdoor nude sunbathing spot in Tokyo

Local cruising spot in Fuchu City on the Tamagawa River


For me, there's a much closer spot.  In spring, summer and warm days in the fall, I go out to the Tama River not too far from where I live (near the Inagi O-hashi Bridge - just 300 m north of it), and discreetly sunbathe nude or semi-nude (depending on how many people are around).  There is also a gay cruising area there which is near a public park located right on the banks of the river.  It's a wooded area that is located actually in the river bed, which is down below the flood embankment and in the land between the embankment and the actual river ( where the river narrows and widens as it meanders in its course).  The wooded thicket is on a raised area (perhaps an island many years ago), and men get naked there for sunbathing and also gay cruising.  It seems never to be really busy but gets its most visitors on weekends and holidays in the afternoons and before nightfall. Obviously, most are local Japanese men.

If you'd like to go or would like to join me there (when it warm enough), you can contact me for directions. 
For me, there's a much closer spot.  In spring, summer and early fall, I go out to the Tama River not too far from where I live (near the Inagi O-hashi Bridge - just 300 m north of it), and discreetly sunbathe nude or semi-nude (depending on how many people are around).  There is also a gay cruising area there which is near a public park located right on the banks of the river.  It's a wooded area that is located actually in the river bed, which is down below the flood embankment and in the land between the embankment and the actual river ( where the river narrows and widens as it meanders in its course).  The wooded thicket is on a raised area (perhaps an island many years ago), and men get naked there for sunbathing and also gay cruising.  It seems never to be really busy but gets its most visitors on weekends and holidays in the afternoons and before nightfall. Obviously, most are local Japanese men.

  Here I am at the X-spot.  I like being seen by clothed or partly and fully nude men.

The photos above are of the public park (wading pools and streams for people and kids to play in the water). Just beyond and behind this wading pool (lower photo) area, heading toward the river itself), you can find the hidden cruising spot.  You'll often see a couple of bicycles parked along the embankment as 'visitors' have parked them there.
  This is just beyond the wading pond, right on edge the concrete embankment.  It's usually where I park my bicycle. The Inagi Ohashi Bridge can be seen in the background.  On the far left and middle of the photo is the edge of the wading pool.

 There's a small tree in the foreground (ignore it), but it's on the embankment which is a flood levy built out of concrete and concrete tiles. Look further along and towards the very center of the photo, and you'll see a tree right on the edge of the embankment.  It's a large tree with abundant branches that spread out like an umbrella.

Just before that tree,  you can go down the concrete embankment to a trail.  There should be a trail worn between the tall grass and bushes - a least in summer, early fall there is. The trail is about 25 meters long and leads up into the dense ticket where the cruising and nude sunbathing goes on.   If you make your way into this hidden islet (usually no water), you will find a low area among the trails. There are 3 walnut trees and some willow trees there which is where the fun goes on.

  Sometimes guys make a pretense of sitting or standing around that area near the tree. That way they can see who is going in to cruise and will follow if they are interested in pursuing.  Sometimes, a fellow or a coule of fellows will sit and smoke or have canned drinks while they are waiting.

I haven't been there enough to know any patterns for what time of day or which days are busy. Fridays can be busy. I once saw a naked guy scurrying off in the bushes beyond the inland island thicket. Saturdays and Sundays and holidays would also tend to be busier... but there can be no guarantees.

Map / Directions: See the Google map below. You can walk (about 18-25 min) from Musashinodai Station   (Keio Line from Shinjuku, take an express train to Chofu, then a local train to Musashi-no-dai).  The wading pond visible in the above photo is located on the map. There a man-made stream that runs from the wading pond to the right (north west) for about 150 meters.  The cruising spot is just beyond the wading pond.

より大きな地図で 無題 を表示


Sunday, July 10, 2016

What is a a rice 'n potato gay fuck?


What is a a rice 'n potato gay fuck? 

, July 17th, 2011 at 10:22 PM

It's interracial sex between an Asian guy and a white guy.

It's when white gay guy or twink has sex with an Asian gay guy or twink. It's seems to be rare enough to find it in gay porn .. although not for those of us who lives in an Asian country, it's a daily occurrence.

See a Rocket Tube video from Out in Public, where an Asian top fucks a white bottom's ass:

Below see some bareback fuck-packed video scenes from Bareback Surf Riders. Brice (white guy) and Jon (Asian) are bored out of their minds so to beat the boredom they decide to shag. After
reciprocating blow jobs, Jon takes on the submissive role and lends his little butt to Brice`s white cock. Jon gets taken for one hot 'n sweet rice boy balling of his life.
Gay 4u Tube - Rice `n Potato Gay Boy Bareback Fuck

Here are some other photos and a couple of videos of more interracial gay sex scenes involving Asian men or twinks.




Saturday, July 9, 2016

Letters to Billy, the skinnydipping mountain guy: For a former friend on

by sunbuns99
July 22nd, 2007, 01:43 PM

Dear Billy,
Long time no see. It's summer so you're probably at your busiest time on the ranch. I'll go on vacation (July 27-Aug 29) to Hawaii, New York, Tennessee/KY. Yep.. you should come to Japan - if you're anything like what I see in the photo you'd be a popular guy (So desu neh!)


It seems many Tribe people are gravitating to the visual culture offered by Flickr - I find myself going there a lot more than Tribe - nobody every writes much any way (or read what I write on my Tribe or other blogs). But on Flickr, if I have a nice photo (hot guy, interesting situation or porn), people seem to flock around. It's habit-forming so I don't recommend it for everyone.


You don't seem like a porn-loving kind of guy - which is great if you are or aren't. But I can certainly see where you'd probably be good at starring in your own 'movies' - not crass pornography - but classic nudes.

See ya' when I see ya', Kelly.


Dear Billy (a day later),

I can't recall if I started talking first about this - -maybe it's because I vaguely remember your describing yourself doing this (nude all day long on a horse) from another Tribe post.

It's a very erotic image - bTW what'S the one that always can get you off in the one DVD you have? Well.. I'm anything if not kind, generous, serious, kinky and horny. Dirty old men DO have their virtues as well as their benefits. (HeHe). Is that all David does when he comes? Just bring you new porn - he's not much of a Brokeback Buddy or is he? (HATs off and pants down... whooa.)
Sorry .. I'm giddy with excitement (NOT just because I can imagine your butt rubbed raw from horse hair - although that would probably get any warm-bloodied man boiling......) I'm thrilled because I am COMING TO AMERICA (do-waddy diddy bo bap!)

You're hardly the only young (or even older) guy who knows he likes men that sometimes or even a lot of times ALSO like seeing men with women or even more than that. Most of humanity is bisexual or omnisexual... but society (civilization or whatever) can't 'allow' that since it would have a dramatic effect on what the world works - power / control / nationalism / territories / war / economics ,etc.... Enuf of that shit (right!)

I'm just saying it's totally natural and it turned your stomach to see pussy or a long thick cock stuffed in one then you'd not be like most men -- gay or str8 or in-between.
By the same token, that' s why most str8 men prefer seeing couples or MFM or M2F scenes in porn.
They enjoy seeing (even if they can't quite admit it) the same thing - it's like a projection of themselves - so str8 men have a craving for cock (well at least seeing it) too. How's that for reverse psychology!

Didn't I mention (perhaps not to you in an email) -- I am married ... still and have two almost grown sons.
I'm not a womanizer and I don't play both sides of the fence but I had my share of enjoyment with sex with a woman. I was fully queer until I met the woman who became my wife and the mother of my sons.
We are still happily married and they ALL know I'm gay (not very bisexual any more).

At your young age, there is every reason to believe that you CAN'T and shouldn't set the course on your life in one certain direction with 100% assurance it will ONLY be that. Who knows you might one day fly to moon, fall in love (with somebody else besides a horse LOL, or even get married and have kids.
That IS what Ennis (sp?) (was that his name?) did in Brokeback Mountain, right?


--------------------------- Billy's reply
Hello again.
It's cool writing to you. Who knows when I make it to Japan. lol About your advice. I do know I want to have my own kids someday but I also know that I don''t want to mislead some girl to have em. I have had pussy, in LA a few times but it just ain't the same as a guy. I wont change I don't think. Ennis was a chicken shit. His behavior was a little too confused for me to like him very much. Jack should''ve forced the issue. Oh well. What I like about my one porn flick is this particular dude. He's close to perfect in my mind and the girl was halfway decent so she doesn't detract fom him. But when I'm wasted I could watch chickens fucking and get off. lol
Oh, and one more thing, don''t be dissin' my horse. She and I are an item around here. The other is a quarter horse gelding named Buck. You can diss him since the futhermucker bit me this morning
Ok dude. Chow time. We'll dedicate tonights rocket launch to you. Cool?

Once on the 'road' I won't be online regularly - I'm camping for two weeks (separated by travels, biz)
Once I hit American highways in mid August - I am GONE in 60 seconds... driving in Japan is such boring pain... that I just love travelling hundreds of miles at a stretch once I get to Kentucky / Tennessee and the Carolinas. I think nothing of a 500 mile trip - my parents live just north of Nashville.

That feeling (rush of freedom/speed/wind) is probably something similar to how you must feel to get up on a horse again - after weeks or months of being stuck in LA. Maybe not.. since you CAN ride a skateboard to get around in LA, here in Tokyo, I have to drive at hour each way in slow moving traffic - there are few sidewalks and skateboarding on streets is illegal here (at least you never ever see anyone doing it) -- only in designated sk8 parks.

See ya', Kelly

Dear Billy,

One new and happy development here.. we are getting a MATE for our dog. She's another Toy Manchester Terrier and she going to arrive on Sunday. They are keeping her at the pet shop to finish her vet check and to complete her shots. She' just a 40 day old puppy.

We've been looking (not to seriously) for a few years -- it's incredibly expensive to get a puppy of this breed (about $2000 for a female) and much more for a champion male (which is what our first dog is). He's getting to be eight years old so if he's going to have offspring it's now or never.
He's an incredibly smart dog and belongs to an animal talent agency so he's been on TV several times.

We're hoping to have a side career (animal (dog) handler for TV, movies, and print ads) when their puppies are growing up and being trained.

Finding a bitch (dog talk - not human speech ) for a TMT is not easy - especially in Japan and there is not guarantee that things will work out with breeding), but we're getting this puppy so she can grow up with her future husband.

Our dog is named Batistuta (named after the Argentine soccer player who made Italy what it is today - not exactly). But he did a lot more than David Beckham is probably going to do for the US soccer pro league (although I hope his coming to LA has a great effect on the popularity of the sports in the US).
I'm NOT a team sport guy - I just think soccer has a many social benefits since it's NOT a rich kids or upper middle class-only game like some team (and individual) sports.

Hey. already too long for your tired eyes to stay up late and read... (it's almost noon here).

Ciao, baby.. chow, puppy.. puppy chow!!!


------------ (just a few extracts) ----

From Billy to Kelly,

Ok. absence makes the heart grow fonder "doesn't" it. that better? My grandfather speaks better english than me/I do. Puppies rule and I like their stinky puppiness. My hairs short right now as of last week. I got pine sap in it and just got fed up and cut it off. Have fun in the hostels. Ive never been in one.
Later bro, Billy