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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fully naked on the 'clothesline'

These student events in Scandinavia require that clothes should be jettisoned, quite right too.

Here's one description from Wikipedia's entry on hazing:" 'clothesline', contributing garments (usually remaining decent, e.g., in swim suit) to form a long line. In Sweden, gymnasium (high school, 16 to 19 years old) and university also use the clothes line. Girls strip to their thong, but may keep their bra on if they wish; boys are always expected to finish up naked, thus being jeered at and humiliated by the crowd."
However I think this description has got the events wrong. From pictures I have seen, they seem light-hearted to me, not serious at all, the participants happy to be involved. [from Atilan]

A couple of my online friends had some pretty interesting stories to tell about similar events that happen when students graduate from secondary school. It's know as 'russetid' and I just bet that most every young man (and woman) has something evocative story related to that event. It sounds a helluva more exxxciting than what US teens go through during the single night of 'Prom.'
You can read more about it in Jo Kristian's blog recently when he interviewed QueerJames, another former blogger and fellow Norwegian friend.

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